How to Choose the Best Outdoor String Lights

There are many types of outdoor string lights to choose from. They differ in color temperature and brightness. The brightness of the lights depends on the bulb’s wattage and is measured in Kelvins (Ks). Lower Ks indicate a warmer light, while higher Ks indicate a cooler light.

Commercial Color Lighting
Commercial Color Lighting

The most common type of outdoor string lights is the Edison bulb style. These are durable and produce a great deal of light. They are best suited to larger outdoor spaces. However, fairy lights and smaller globe style lights are also quite popular. Many people choose to hang multiple strands to create a powerful glow.

Another option is solar-powered outdoor string lights. They are a great choice if you want to minimize your energy bill. They don’t require an outlet, which is great for apartment patios or houses without GFCI outlets. These lights work by placing a solar panel outdoors. During the day, the solar panel charges the bulbs and turns them on at night. Most solar-powered string lights have a runtime of six to eight hours, which is typically enough time to light your patio or host a dinner party.

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