Brass Landscape Lights

Solid brass is the perfect material for outdoor low voltage lighting, such as accent lights, deck fixtures, and path lights. This metal is resistant to corrosion and develops a rich patina with age. Whether installed indoors or out, brass fixtures will last for years and often have extended warranties. This material is great for landscape lighting, up-lighting tall plants and trees, and providing visual separation between rooms.

These landscape lights are available in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you’re after a rustic look or a more contemporary style, you’ll find the right brass lights for your home. They will give your landscaping a stylish touch and add a touch of class to any space. Some brass lights are even available in waterproof, IP65-rated versions

These fixtures are available in various styles and are easy to install. Many of them have adjustable angles, so you can get the perfect illumination for your garden. Some are even interchangeable, so you can replace them if you need to. They are also low voltage, making them safer to work with. A brass landscape light will last for many years.

Another consideration when selecting a brass landscape light is the material used to make the fixture. Plastic or powder-coated aluminum are not suitable for outdoor use. Plastic can break easily and aluminum dents easily. Likewise, aluminum fixtures tend to corrode and oxidize over time. Despite the fact that they are lighter and easier to work with, aluminum will not be as long-lasting as brass or bronze fixtures.

A brass landscape light can add a touch of beauty to a garden or a patio. These lights can be installed on a tree branch, or hard-mounted to a pergola or beam. They also offer low-profile lighting for pathways. The Coastal Connector(tm) installation system allows for five different finishes.

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