Accent Your Home With Bright Landscape Lights

If you want to accent the features of your home, low-voltage landscape lights are an ideal option. They are energy-efficient and have a narrow beam angle that produces accent lighting without glare. They come in different colors, including white, red, and blue, and they also have an adjustable head that can be adjusted by 180 degrees.

Backyard Landscape Lighting Ideas
                                                                                       Backyard Landscape Lighting Ideas

Inground landscape lights are typically circular fixtures that are often used as driveway and walkway lights. These fixtures are also great for accent lighting architectural features. They create drama and atmosphere and allow you to highlight the details of your yard. These lights can be mixed with spotlights to create a strong lighting solution. They can also be used to highlight specific plants or features in the garden.

Another type of LED landscape light is the wall wash type. They are often used to highlight the beauty of a wall during the dark. These lights are widely used on fences, garden walls, and flat facades. They can also be used to illuminate large trees and landscape features. These lights can be used with both 12-volt landscape lighting transformers and higher-output 24-volt systems.

Using landscape lighting is not only a practical way of highlighting certain features but can also enhance curb appeal by creating a welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, it is also an excellent way of creating visual contrast and promoting drama. It can also add ambiance to your home with its well-lit entryway. With proper lighting, a simple stone wall can take on a whole new personality at night.

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