Castalian Springs, Tennessee – A Small Town With Big Ideas

In the 1890s, the unincorporated community of Castalian Springs, Tennessee, was the seat of a regional polity. Now, it’s a census-designated place located seven miles east of Gallatin. The town also has its own zip code and its own United States post office. The median household income is $94,125. It also has a large veteran population. If you’re thinking of moving to this charming little town, it may be worth a look. Click here for more info.

Castalian Springs was the seat of a regional polity

The Civil War and Reconstruction left their mark on Castalian Springs, which is now a historic district. In 1862, a federal garrison set up camp in the area one half mile south of the National Register-listed Wynnewood log tavern. The Wynne family sued the federal government for damages of $6,540, but the court denied their claim, stating that it was “not a case of secession.” In 1867, the Winchester family, who owned the local plantation, sold the property.

The site was inhabited by Native Americans prior to the Mississippian period. Nonetheless, radiocarbon dates indicate that the main Castalian Springs site was occupied after 1150 CE. Although it is unlikely that this area was occupied during the Mississippian period, it is believed that this site served as the seat of a regional polity. After 1350 CE, political authority in the Middle Cumberland region of Tennessee decentralized and settlements moved away from mound centers to fortified village sites.

It was excavated in the 1890s

The ancient Native American mound center at Castalian Springs, Tennessee, dates back to the Mississippian period. The site originally consisted of four earthen mounds and a palisade. Excavation began in the 1890s, and the remains of a village, burial mound, and civic structures were found. Today, visitors can tour the site and learn about the history and culture of the area.

The Palisade Ditch was once approximately forty acres in size. Projecting bastions were arranged at 95-foot intervals. The palisade wall enclosed the main mounds, residential structures, and ritual structures. Unfortunately, the ditch disappeared completely by the time of excavation. Perhaps historic cultivation erased the palisade’s features. Until now, no one knows for certain. Discover More about Hendersonville, TN here.

It has a large population of veterans

The town of Castalian Springs, Tennessee is located in north-central America, on the Cumberland River. The climate in the town is moderately temperate in September, May, and October. It is more comfortable in December and January. The city has a large population of veterans. Among the civilian population, about 9% of the Castalian Springs, TN population is a veteran.

In terms of poverty rates, Castalian Springs TN has a significantly lower poverty rate than the national average. Only 16.1% of the community lives below the poverty line. For those interested in the economic indicators of this town, there are many resources available at Crime and Poverty in Every State and Coronavirus in Every State. You can also find detailed analysis on other aspects of the community by visiting the website.

It has a median household income of $94,125

In Castalian Springs, Tennessee, a median household income of $94,125 means that residents live comfortably above the poverty line. The area is home to several types of housing and the median home price is $269,683.

The median household income in Castalian Springs, TN is $94,125, which is less than the national average of $65,712. The city has a high percentage of U.S. citizens (82%) and is home to approximately 428 people. The median property value is $120,000, and the average home value is two cars per household. The average commute time is 25.2 minutes, and 0% of the population lives outside the United States.

It has a median age of 42.8 years

In 2019, the median age in Castalian Springs Tennessee is 42.8 years. This is lower than the national average, but is still higher than the age of one-third of Americans. Castalian Springs’ median age is compared to its neighboring and parent geographies. As for employment, Castalian Springs, TN has a higher than average rate of unemployment, with a 5.6% rate of underemployment and a 9.1% unemployment rate.

The median age in Castalian Springs is 42.8 years, and the median household income is $52,276, which is higher than the national average of $42,625. The average household income is $59,276, and the median family size is 3.02. There are 86,386 households and a median household income of $59,276, which is higher than the state average. Over 85% of the population is educated, with most holding a high school diploma or equivalent. 4% of the population has completed some form of college, and 7% have gone on to graduate school. The median home price in Castalian Springs is $269,683. Continue reading about Lock 4 Mountain Bike Trailhead.


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