Gutter Mount Landscape Lighting

If you’re looking to install accent or flood lights in your landscape, a gutter mount is an excellent choice. This unique mounting system attaches securely to most gutters. It’s also compatible with a wide variety of other types of lighting, including spotlights, solar panels, and dimmer switches.


Another benefit of gutter mount landscape lighting is that it hides low voltage wiring that would otherwise be exposed to the elements. These lights are best for larger homes and require a reputable outdoor lighting designer. There are several landscape and architectural lighting companies that offer these services. These experts know how to create the perfect lighting effect. To select the best landscape lighting, make a sketch of your yard. This will help you choose the best location for your new lights. Make sure to take into account any existing lights, benches, trees, shrubs, vegetation, and decorations. Each of these will reflect and absorb light, so make sure you consider the height of each type of object.

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